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Culture news, 19.12.2002 12:34

In the Petersburg Toy Museum the exhibition "When a fur-tree smelled like tangerines" opened

In the Petersburg Toy Museum the exhibition About 250 collected exhibits from collections of various museums tell about how inhabitants of the Country of Soviets met New year in 30-50th years of XX century.

As the scientific employee of the Toy Museum Tatyana Kochedyshkina told, a mechanical striking clocks presented at the exhibition should remind visitors of the symbolical beginning of New year. As TVs in those years practically didn’t exist, in a New Year's holiday such clocks replaced the Kremlin chiming clock. There will be the fur-tree decorated with toys which hung on fur-trees of the Soviet citizens in 30-50-õ years: stranded from cotton wool planes and trains, small flags with tanks, red five-pointed stars. It will be the centre of the exhibition, just like on the real New Year's holiday. This nostalgic exhibition, on Kochedyshkina’s words, will bring back memories of those wonderful New Year’s moments.

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