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Culture news, 28.01.2003 12:50

Finland's Museums to observe St. Petersburg's tercentenary

Finland's Museums to observe St. Petersburg's tercentenary Finnish museums will organise at least 800 exhibitions and other various events in some way or other connected with the tercentenary of the city of St. Petersburg. This is preliminary information released by the Museums' Union of Finland. For example, the fall exhibition organised by the Postal Museum of Finland will be entitled 'Helsinki and St. Petersburg'. A similar exhibition under the title of 'Kotka and St. Petersburg' will be held by a local museum in the Finnish town of Kotka. Early in March, the Helsinki City Museum will make a presentation of Russia's fashion in the Sederholm House. Russia's icons will be exhibited in the Christian Orthodox Museum in the town of Kuopio and the art museums in Varkaus, Jyvaskyla, Kemi, and Kajani. A rich collection of seascapes by Aivasovsky will be shown at the world-famous Retretti summer exhibition. On February 15, after a long period of repairs, the Sinebruhoff Art Museum will reopen in Helsinki. Visitors will see a number of works by Karl and Alexander Brullov, Ivan Akimov, Sylvester Shchedrin, and a collection of Russian and Karelian icons from the Middle Ages.

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