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Culture news, 19.02.2003 13:24

The Hermitage came to Washington with 'women-artists’ exhibit

The Hermitage came to Washington with 'women-artists’ exhibit On February 11, 2003 the American National Museum “Women in Arts” has inaugurated the exhibit of the State Hermitage collection. This event is a part of cultural program, timed to 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

The exhibit is dedicated to female artists of 18th and 19th century, who made considerable contributions to Russian culture. The collection includes 49 pieces of painting and sculpture of 15 women-authors, among whom we could name Angelica Kaufmann, Luise-Elizabeth Vigée-Lebren, Christina Robertson, Maria-Anne Callot.

The director of the State Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Piotrovsky, flew to Washington on Tuesday night especially for the participation in the exhibit inauguration ceremony. At the exhibit inauguration reception at the Russian Embassy in Washington, Mr. Piotrovsky has declared that even though the Hermitage conducts multiple annual exhibits all around the world, including the US, this current exhibit takes on the special meaning, since it is being held on the eve of St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary. According to Piotrovsky, this exhibit, entitled “The Imperial collection: women-artists from the State Hermitage”, is the result of Hermitage’s tight cooperation with American museums, including Washington museums.

Yuri Ushakov, Russian Ambassador in the USA, has noted, on his part, that Russian party is very much inspired by all the attention given by the American public towards the anniversary of St. Petersburg. He pointed out, that the Hermitage exhibit, inaugurated at the Washington museum, is a part of numerous events, conducted in the USA in honor of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

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