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Play telling life story of Grigory Rasputin

Play telling life story of Grigory Rasputin On March 1-2 the Yusupov Palace presents “Rasputin,” a play dedicated to St. Petersburg tercentennial. The show is directed by Alexander Isakov, and the title part is played by People’s Artist of Russia Roman Gromadsky. reports that the play is shown in the home theater of the Prince Yusupov family mansion. It was in this palace that Grigory Rasputin, famous court favorite, was killed on December 17, 1916. The play presents a different view on this man’s life and death. The stage version is based on documentary materials, including questioning protocols of direct participants and accomplices in the crime Fedor Yusupov, Vladimir Purishkevich, and Anna Vyrubova. The show continues the tradition of shows set in historic buildings and dedicated to key figures in Russian history.

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