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Culture news, 11.03.2003 15:04

The final gala at Admiralty Music Festival will feature cell phone music

The final gala at Admiralty Music Festival On March 20 the Grand Hall of St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society will host the final gala concert of the 3rd International Admiralty Music Festival, whose mission is to increase public interest in the music of navy orchestras, or sea music, as it had been once called. The project was inspired, directed, and produced by Alexei Karabanov, the principal conductor of the Admiralty Orchestra of Leningrad Naval Base. His orchestra takes part in all festival events. The gala concert of the festival is entitled “Cell Phone Music.” The concert is dedicated to the birthday of great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, whose music is still so popular it is often selected for cell phone ring melodies. Especially popular is The Joke from Bach’s Suite No. 3. Bach’s masterpieces will be performed in the concert along with the works of Mozart, Rossini, Bizet, Wagner, Rimsky-Korsakov and Gerschwin. All the music featured in the show represents not only popular classical pieces, but most favorite cell phone melodies, too.

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