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Culture news, 19.03.2003 14:01

Ballet fans to enjoy viewing Nureev dance on the cinema screen

Nureev dance on the cinema screen That Very Nureev: Ballet and Cinema Festival will take place in St. Petersburg on April 23-24. Over the two days there will be 7 films featuring the world-renowned ballet star shown in the Cinema Center. The organizers say that such festivals usually took place in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London. In the tercentennial year of the city, the St. Petersburg Cinema Union and the London-based Nureev Foundation decided to hold the event in St. Petersburg. It was a difficult task trying to organize the Russian showing of the films, which are kept in private collections in England, France, Germany and Australia. The films will be shown just one time.

Nureev had spent three seasons in Kirov Theater. It was from here that Nureev took off to his Paris tour. Back then, in the early 1960s Nureev had stunned the Soviet Union and the world with his leap over the railing in the Paris airport of Orli. The young dancer preferred the freedom of the Western world over the gloom of Soviet reality. Mr. Nureev returned years later to the free Russia, where he met with his friends and saw the country again after many years in the West.

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