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Culture news, 28.03.2003 11:51

Lady Miss Kier, the famous ex-DEEE-LITE will play in "Onegin" night club on Saturday

Lady Miss Kier, the famous ex-DEEE-LITE The only concert of the famous ex-DEEE-LITE, Lady Miss Kier, will take place in "Onegin" night club-restaurant on Saturaday. Known as the vocalist, lyricist, co. producer, co writer ,and floor shaker for the now defunct dance band DEEE-LITE ,Kier Kirby A.K.A. Lady Kier is coming to town.

In 1986 she and her friend Dimitry formed the group Deee-lite. She coined the word "sampladelic " for their livingroom productions and named the band . They met Towa Tei while he was videotaping one of their gigs and joined forces after he gave them a tape which shared a love for similar influences. DEEE-LITE did what few dance acts are known for, live gigs, which, Lady Kier is still very much devoted to presenting in the near future. DEEE-LITE's first 12" in 1990 (released on white label 1st) , struck like lightning on dance floors everywhere and then burned up the mainstream radio as "groove is in the heart" broke through dance music and nightclub culture.

After the breakdown of DEEE-LITE Lady Kier has stepped out of the glamorous spot light while she develops and programs her new musical style. No longer held captive by a U.S. recording contract she found restricting to her creative visions, she spins an ecclectic set of drum and bass, future funk,and a groovy selection of contemporary dance music which you'll be able to hear this Saturday.

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