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Culture news, 31.03.2003 18:28

DEREVO physical theatre comes to Saint-Petersburg

„ONCE... Founded in St Petersburg in 1988, Derevo (Russian for "tree") adheres to a rigorous aesthetic derived from Japan's postwar performance style of butoh.The company members live now at their base in Dresden. In spring they are planning to open in Dresden their own theater. This theatre company is, perhaps, one the most award-winning among Russian theatres - this summer they got Total Theatre Award on the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.

One of two performances, „ONCE..." (dates of performances - 2,3,4th of April) - as the website put it "a fairy tale about love, a tragic unhappy love played by clowns and dedicated to the child living in us until we die" - has already been shown in Saint-Petersburg. "Islands in the Stream" is the latest production, it will be shown on the 8,9,10th of April.

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