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Culture news, 10.04.2003 11:45

The New British Cinema Festival has opened on 9 April in Dom Kino

The Peter Mullanís The New British Cinema Festival, which gives a unique opportunity to see the best of British film-making from the last two years, has opened on 9 April in Dom Kino and will last for a week. In the previous three years the program of the festival included such hits as Guy Ritchie's "Snatch", Stephen Daldry's "Billy Elliott", Tim Roth's "Warzone" and Mike Figgis' "Timecode".

This year's programme is no less interesting.The Peter Mullanís "The Magdalene Sisters", an intelligently provocative and incendiary film, which was denounced vigorously by the Vatican and awarded the Golden Lion on the 59 Monstra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica is one of the highlights of the festival.

By popular request, the organizers of the festival have decided to introduce screenings in English.

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