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Culture news, 24.04.2003 16:53

Haute Couture Show to take place in St. Petersburg in May

Haute Couture Show Slava Zaytsev Theater of Fashion will present its show on 15 May in Oktyabrsky Concert Hall. The Organizing Committee says that Zaytsev’s Invasion haute couture collection will be the key element, sensual, enticing and very Russian. The master will himself comment on his masterpieces and discuss with the audience life, harmony, beauty, good taste and ability to find own style.

Slava Zaytsev Theater of Fashion enjoys the international renown. Its shows are unique synthetic performances produced by the synergetic effort of scenario writers, directors, actors and musicians who make them genuine celebrations of Beauty and Fashion. The leitmotif of these original performances is expressed in miniatures scenes, naughty, lyrical or solemn. Slava Zaytsev’s shows are always declarations of love because according to the designer himself he always “dresses the woman whom he loves”.

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