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Culture news, 28.04.2003 16:50

International theater festival started in St. Petersburg

The opening ceremony of the second annual international festival "Theater Island" took place on Saturday in the Satire Theater on Vasilyevsky Island. Theater groups from Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Novosibirsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg will take part in the festival. Chairwoman of the Festival Organizing Committee Natalia Dmitrieva said at the press conference that 'the task of our festival is to show audiences a cut of modern theatrical art.' She also said that 'this non-competitive festival was created for acquaintances and conversation.'

Dmitrieva said that during the festival around 20 different theater performances will be shown on four different stages. The Moscow theater DOK will stage the family production "Oxygen". The Prague Chamber Theater will perform "It's Time to Change This" and the Amsterdam Chamber Theater will stage "The Person Who Wanted". Moreover, the Moscow theater Near The House of Stanislavsky will perform "Between Shows", and only women will perform the main roles in the Novosibirsk theater Old Home production of "Don Juan".

'We will have theatrical performances for the different classes of society, and the viewers of different ages,' said Dmitrieva. She also emphasixed the fact that "(performances will be) for those who want to rest and those who want to think about eternity. The main thing is the absence of extremism, aggression or violence in the festival performances."

The festival ends May 2. It is organized by the Satire Theater on Vasilyevsky Island with the support from the Ministry of Culture, Union of Theater Figures and the Vasilyevsky Island district administration

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