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Culture news, 02.06.2003 13:48

"Message to Man" international film festival to take place in St. Petersburg on 15-22 June

On 15-22 June, St. Petersburg will host the International Film Festival “Message to Man”. The Festival Organizing Committee says this is the only international competition of documentaries, short films, feature films and cartoons in Russia.

The festival program includes a general international competition, international competition of debutants, national competition of Russian documentaries and the special programs “Best Films of the British National Film and Television School”, “L’animation francaise dans tous ses etats” (40 French cartoons), five documentaries by Nicolas Filbert, “Portrait of an Age” (films about prominent artists of the past and present), etc.

35 or 16 mm films shot in 2002 or 2003 are admitted to the general international competition and international competition of debutants. The program of the national competition of Russian documentaries includes films shot on film or video in 2002-2003. In total, 1182 films from 84 countries took part in the selection this years.

The films will be shown in the House of Cinema and the movie houses Rodina, Avrora and Svet.

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