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Culture news, 02.06.2003 14:21

X festival of non-conformist art started at Pushkinskaya, 10

X festival of non-conformist art started at Pushkinskaya, 10 X festival of non-conformist art of the second half of the XX century, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg started on May 30 in the Museum Of Non-Conformist Art and Library And Archive Of Independent Art at Pushkinskaya,10.

Over 400 works of art, as well as archives presenting the retrospective view of independent art in Leningrad St. Petersburg are on display. In 1998 the Free Culture Fellowship created the Museum Of Non-Conformist Art in Pushkinskaya, 10 art-center. The goal of the museum was to increase the awareness of the history of Russian (Soviet) art-underground, its esthetics, problems addressed, major events and characters, as well as presentation and support of artistic projects, addressing contemporary problems of Russian art and society.

The museum was created to fill in the gap in the history of development of contemporary art, as the independent art of Leningrad-St. Petersburg from the 50s of the XX century is not represented in any permanent exhibitions of the city museums. The exhibition consisits of the works collected by non-conformist artists of Pushkinskaya,10 and of of Samizdat literature, photographs, video and audio materials.

Presently the museum collection lists over 1000 exhibits, among them the works of artists, whose works were acquired by some of the best national and foreign musuems, including the State Russian Museum,the Tretyakov Gallery and the Statt Hermitage.

From 1998 till 2003 the museum organized 40 exhibitions, published 30 catalogues and booklets.

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