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Culture news, 17.06.2003 14:39

Nobel Prize laureates meet in St. Petersburg

Professor Rudolf Messbauer A meeting of Nobel prize laureates triumphantly opened in the St. Petersburg academy of sciences center yestreday, on June 16. Nobel prize winning Russian physicist Zhores Alferov welcomed the group of scientists. He said that it was the largest meeting of scientists in the history of Russian sciences. The meeting is not only dedicated to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, but also the 300th anniversary of Russian science.

19 Nobel prize laureates arrived in St. Petersburg (one is one the way) from Belgium, Germany, US, Taiwan, Switzerland and Japan. The largest delegation of 12 people came from the US. The veterans of the group are German physicist Rudolph Mossbauer who received the award in 1961, and American physicist Raymond Davis who was awarded the prize in 2002.

The Nobel prize laureates will present lectures in the St. Petersburg science center, in the Gorky house of scientists and the science-education center at the Ioffe institute. The meeting of laureates is being conducted on the initiative of Zhores with sponsored financing. It was organized by the St. Petersburg academy of sciences, the fund for support of education and science (Alferovsky fund) and the Global Energy fund.

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