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Culture news, 18.06.2003 14:26

It took 6 kg of gold to reconstruct Peterhof this year

Peterhof fountains This year, 6 kg of gold were used to reconstruct buildings and structures in Peterhof. “This was a special year for us, - said Vadim Znamenov, Director of the Peterhof State Museum and Preserve, at the press conference held today, - “because we knew that leaders of 44 countries would come to Peterhof. This was the greatest event ever seen in Peterhof, and this was very important for all Russia. We showed that somilar parks and palace ensembles can be seen nowhere else in the world, so we attracted millions of potential visitors.”

According to Vadim Znamenov, the Petehof museums prepare very pleasant surprises for the new season: visitors will see the Palace Chapel (where 4 of the 5 children of Nicholas II had been christened) was almost completely reconstructed, the terrace of Monplaisir Palace was restored after being damaged by a storm, the famous Cottage where Empress Maria Fyodorovna had lived was opened for visitors, and the exhibition “Under the State Emblem” is being prepared for opening. Landscaping in the parks was completed, “grass carpets” were made using a new technique. In the Upper Park, near the Grand Palace, a vegetable and herb garden was planted, just as it had been since the founding of Peterhof. Russian, Dutch, Polish and French restorers continue their work.

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