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Culture news, 15.07.2003 11:28

Bjork will give a concert in St.Petersburg on the 19th of July

Bjork, Iceland's number one export On the 19th of July, on Saturday, Bjork, Iceland's number one export, may be the most revolutionary and innovative pop singer of the modern music, will play Ledovy Palace.

In this tour, Bjork is emphasizing her lofty status in the pop firmament by teaming up with an orchestra, harpist and computer duo for her concerts.

To fans of Bjork in her simpler Sugercubes days, her transformation into a boundary-breaking pop diva may have come as a surprise. But in fact Bjork was a child prodigy, releasing her first album at age 11. She also worked with Icelandic units Tappi T'karrass and KUKL before her successful six-year stint with the Sugarcubes.

After the demise of the groundbreaking group, Bjork returned to Iceland to launch her solo career. 1993's Debut marked her emergence on the world stage, and also signaled her growing interest in electronica. Post made this trend even more overt, while Homogenic brought a more introspective mood into her work.

To put the finishing touch on her transformation into a cultural icon (and iconoclast), Bjork then ventured into acting, winning the Best Actress award at the 2000 Cannes film festival for her role in "Dancer In The Dark," a film for which she also wrote the soundtrack.

Now Bjork is touring with California computer duo Matmos and NYC-based harpist Zeena Parkins, both of whom collaborated on her last album. The show is filled out by an 11-piece choir and a 54-piece orchestra.

Bjork will give only one concert in Saint-Petersburg, so book soon to guarantee yourself a seat.

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