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Culture news, 28.07.2003 17:39

"The Village of Vikings" festival takes place at the Peter and Paul's Fortress walls

"The Village of Vikings" festival will take place in St. Petersburg in frames of the program's actions prepared by Sweden for the city's 300-th anniversary.

According to RIA "News" in the City's History Museum Fund, participants of the festival have already began to arrive in the Northern Capital. So 6 boats analogous to those of Middle Ages navigation, have tied up at Neva waters.

Commencement meeting of the festival will take place Wednesday, 30 July. In this day the boats will tie up at the Peter and Paul's Fortress walls, on the beach where the village of Vikings will stretch out.

The festival's participants - members of Sweden Historical Societies- intend reconstructing of the noble Varangian navigators' way of life: one can see ships, houses and clothes of Vikings, taste traditional cuisine dishes, see the work of blacksmiths and embroiders. Besides, visitors can observe reconstruction of war battles. The Stockholm History Museum's exhibition to be also presented.

On Sunday, 3 July, Vikings will bug out its camp and the ceremonial departure of the boats to Sweden coasts to finish the festival's programme will take place next day.

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