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Culture news, 31.07.2003 13:52

A grandson of Karl Faberge will present an Easter egg “300-th anniversary” to St. Petersburg

In 1985 T. Faberge began his work over “St. Petersburg collection” of Easter eggs dedicated to palaces and monuments of the city including Hermitage, Peterhof, City History Museum. Funds from selling of egg’s exclusive copies are directed to the reservation of St. Petersburg’s culture heritage and the restoration of palaces-museums. The Easter egg “ 300-th anniversary” is created in commemoration of the city’s anniversary.

Views of 9 palaces are engraved on cut-glass and profiles of Russia emperors are located close to them. The egg is crowned with an eagle and a plate of rare marble with gold and silver serves as a pedestal. Inside the egg there is a figure of Peter the First on a horse. The egg will be presented to St. Petersburg in 4 August and will be immediately deposited to Peterhof reserve – museum.

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