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Culture news, 13.08.2003 15:38

Russian-German “Zakat” film’s shooting to go on in St. Petersburg

Russian-German “Zakat”(sunset) film’s shooting starts today in the North Capital. This film is dedicated to the last months of Hitler’s Germany existence. Thus the Russian company “Globus Film” fulfils the project of the German Film Studio “Constantine Film”. The German producers have visited many cities, but only St. Petersburg proved to able to supply all necessary decorations and interiors. The script of the film was written of the same name book by Ioahim Fest and memories of Hitler’s secretary Traudel Yunge that were published last year. According to ABN, Germans intend to shoot in St. Petersburg the scene of the assault of Berlin. Main scenes of the storm are expected to be filmed at the Shkapin street which will be blocked for several days. Crowd scenes-approximately 4 thousand people-are also to be used in the film’s shooting. Generally St. Petersburg’s part of the film will last till 24 September.

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