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Culture news, 13.08.2003 15:30

“The friendship of two composers” concert to take place in St.Petersburg

On the concert performed by the orchestra of the State Hermitage - “St. Petersburg Orchestra” and directed by Toshio Yanagisava, will sound compositions of the Japanese composer Yoshiharu Yamada in arrangement of Russian maestro Vladimir Boyashov.

Music of the modern Japanese composer Yoshiharu Yamada, who is the leading doctor in one of Tokyo’s clinics and has no music education at all, sounds in our city for the first time. In the homeland Yoshiharu Yamada is nicknamed as “Japanese Borodin”. Like the Russian genius Yamada considers medicine as his main profession, however being enthusiastic about music he has also reached professional “heights”.

Yoshiharu Yamada and Vladimir Boyashov go on being friends for three years: since Russian maestro received an invitation to make arrangement to Yamada’s music compositions. The friendship of two composers exists within thousands kilometres, without seeing they have not meet before, first they will see each other on the concert in St. Petersburg’s conservatory.

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