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Culture news, 15.08.2003 17:33

St. Petersburg citizens will hear English Barbers music

According to the festival’s arrangement committee the beginning of men chorus tradition “Barbershop” (that means “music of barbershops” ) was initiated by English barbers. At present nobody knows when first “barbershops” harmonies sound, however this style became quite popular in England since XVI till XVII centuries.

The festival’s inauguration to be held in 19 August. All participants –more than 10 chorus collectives and consorts of Russian and USA- are to appear this day on the scene of St. Petersburg Conservatory. They will perform compositions of Russian and American composers, folk sings, jazz arrangements and fragments from popular Broad Way’s musicals and films.

Closing ceremony of the festival will take place in 23 August at the Big Hall of St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society.

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