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Culture news, 19.08.2003 13:33

“The Swan lake” fountain to be opened today in St. Petersburg

The projects’ idea was suggested by the President of the Centre Dominic Hestland, the Director Pier Platroze, the Lord High Fixer in East counties programs Lyudmila Goryainova. Among teachers and students of the Centre was announced a competition in the fountain’s projects. Projects were delivered in St. Petersburg and the commission from the Town-planning and Architecture Committee of St. Petersburg Administration picked up the best one.

The fountain represents a granite bowl, at the centre of which were located two symbolic swan wings and 9 fountain streams of different highs. Between the wings was set up white-blue-red highlight resembling national flags of Russia and France and symbolising friendship and collaboration that have been traditionally existing between our states.

The composition’s theme reflects the general contribution of Russia and France to the World Culture . “The Swan Lake” ballet written by the great Russian composer P. I. Chaykovsky was put on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre in 1895 by French and St. Petersburg ballet-master Marious Petipa nd Lev Ivanov. In the performance took part the great ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya which for a long time lived and worked in Russian Ballet School created by herself in Paris (the fountain is opened not far off the ballerina’s villa). And today it is one of the world known and favourite ballet – a visiting card of Russian Art.

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