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Culture news, 21.08.2003 13:21

In the “Oraniebaum” museum kicked off the exhibition of the West Europe Art

The exhibition introduces to the collection of paint art, chinaware and ornament art articles from the museum’s funds. The exposition presents the articles that were not displayed for a long time. For instance decorative vases from the collection of Meclenburg- Strelitsky family ( the last owner of the Big Palace). 30 paint canvases are to be also displayed, particularly: “St. Heroine” (by Prety, Mattia), “Josef and the wife Pentefria” (Jordano, Luka), “The scene at the kitchen” (Prins, Hans III). Totally the exhibition holds 50 displays.

The building of the Tserkovny Pavilion was commenced in 1719 under direction of the architect I.F. Braunshtain and got finished in 1727. That year the Pavilion was lighted in the name of St. Panteleimon. The art collection of Oraniembaum’s palaces had been formed over XVIII-XIX centuries. By 1762 (during the life of Peter III) just the paint collection consisted of 464 pictures and was one of the largest collections of the middle of XVIII century.

For the first year of the Soviet power the collection was greatly reduced and begun replenishing just since the middle of XX century. At the instance of the museum’s staff Oraniembaum receives canvases from the Russian Museum, the Art Academy and port of them are gifted. Today the collection of Oraniembaum’s palaces and funds numbers more than 7 thousand units.

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