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Culture news, 14.10.2003 14:32

Heavy music in "Port"

Cover of This weekend Paradise Lost will give two concerts in the "Port" club in St.Petersburg.

English band Paradise Lost was created in 1988 and called after John Milton's epic poem.

The musicians debuted in 1990, when their album "Lost Paradise" was released. The band's second album "Gothic" was marked with the appearance of female soprano and keyboards. Due to them the band was in the news of many musical editions.

Next work "Shades Of God" attracted attention of a general audience, and their concerts were sold out every time. "As I Die" album was supported by MTV and met with approval of colleagues-musicians, including Metallica.

The release of "Icon" album was followed by a powerful splash of interest in Paradise Lost's music. The band's American tour with Sepultura was a great success. In 1998 during the tour in support of "One Second" album the band gave one concert in Moscow.

Having signed a contract with EMI, one of the biggest sound-recording companies in the world, the collective released two not very successful albums "Host" and "Believe in nothing" and broke off relations with the label.

In 2002 Paradise Lost's new album "Symbol Of Life" marked the band's return to heavy music.

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