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Culture news, 30.10.2003 14:18

The Norwegian trio A-HA opens this weekend in the city

Morten Harket, the leader of the group The Norwegian trio A-HA gives concert tomorrow, November 31, in Ledovy Palace. With their very first single "Take On Me" they wrote rock history and shaped the charts like scarcely any other band of the 80's. After an unprecedented comeback two years ago, not only the fans from way-back-when, but also a whole generation of new fans are now eagerly awaiting the new album.

"Comebacks from the 80's, including our own, are the last thing anybody needs", says a dead serious Magne Furuholmen, one of the musicians of the group. "And nonetheless I'm happy that our comeback was so successful", he laughs a moment later. "When the idea of recording "Minor Earth Major Sky" came up, I hesitated at first. I just couldn't imagine that I would enjoy being a pop musician again."

This Friday you will be able to hear both old and new hits of this Norwegian trio, indisputably one of the biggest phenomena in pop music.

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