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Culture news, 03.11.2003 13:38

The Hermitage Readings in memory of V.Levinson-Lessing

Publication of the conference proceedings On 29-30 October were held the annual readings commemorating the outstanding scholar Vladimir Frantsevich Levinson-Lessing, who worked at the Hermitage for half a century.Participants were welcomed by Mikhail B. Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage Museum.The Hermitage Departments of West European Art, Ancient World, Orient, Examination and Education, and the Russian Institute of History of Art (St. Petersburg) took part in the event.

Presentations dealt with the contribution made by V.F. Levinson-Lessing to the preservation of monuments of culture, and with the achievement of his contemporaries and elder generation of art historians. Participants focused on various problems in the history of world art.

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