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Culture news, 19.11.2003 12:47

Experimental joined project of Saint Petersburg and Italian theaters

Victor Kramer On November 21-23 the Baltic House theatre-festival and the Metastasio theatre (Prato, Italy) will represent the first night of Victor Kramer's new play "Superflu".

The play is made within an experimental joined project of Saint Petersburg and Italian theaters. The partner of the Baltic House the Metastasio theatre is a large Italian theatre center, a member of many international projects. Saint Petersburg public had the chance to see the work of the actors of Metastasio theatre in the "Seagull" by Eimuntas Hyakroshus which was shown in the "Baltic House" in 2001.

The aim of the new project is to save and to develop Russian and Italian theatre traditions and to perform the best Russian and Italian drama pieces.

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