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Underground pop-band Laid Back

Laid Back Laid Back have been long considered founders of Danish dance pop-music. In 1979 they released a smash hit "Maybe Iím Crazy" which became the first in Denmark and then a world-wide known mega-hits "Sunshine Reggae", "White Horse" and "Backerman". Since the very beginning Laid Back have not gained the fame of a one-day band and have always remained genre setters. Most musicians made remixes on Laid Backís songs and used their samples to create their own compositions.

Laid Back have got lots of rewards, gold and platinum disks and are still full of energy and creative ideas. They are always painstaking in their work, some their tracks are recorded during several years. Thatís why Laid Back have released a small amount of dicks for all these years. The unchangeable members of the band, John Goldberg and Tim Stall are at the same time vocalists, composers and producers. Both had played in other bands before Laid Back was organized at the end of the 70s. Since then they have created their unique style and have been famous with permanent quality of music recorded in a minimalist manner. Thanks to soundtracks for films (one has got a Danish reward "Robert" which equals to the famous Academy Awards) and new and always actual projects, Laid Back are always on the world music stage in spite of the fact that they hardly communicate with the press. Laid Backís fame gives them the opportunity to rest on their laurels, you can leave them aside but they will always be one jump aheadÖ

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