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Culture news, 15.12.2003 15:00

Jacques Loussier's trio coming to Saint-Petersburg

Jacques Loussier Jacques Loussier's trio "PlayBach" has subdued the whole generation. Connoisseurs both of classic and jazz music appreciated harmonic, rhythmic and melodic delicacies of barocco in Jacques Loussier’s jazz interpretation.

The trio’s founder Jacques Loussier was born in 1934 in Anger. By 13 years old he had realized that he would become a musician and at the age of 15 he entered Paris conservatory. When Jacques became 25 he first tried to combine Bach’s music with jazz traditions. He was a pioneer in such an interpretation of Bach’s compositions and founded a trio, which played jazz arrangements of Bach’s music and other old compositions. Some years later, by the middle of the 60s Loussier’s combo had already become world-renowned and during the following ten years they were in the centre of attention of the world music audience.

Having got tired of his own success, in 1978 Loussier disbanded the trio and went in other projects. He lived a quiet life in the south of France writing symphony compositions, being keen in electronic music and opening a new world for himself – the world of computers and synthesizers. Since 1986 Loussier has been mainly busy with writing large symphonic compositions including a barocco mess of the 21th century "Lumieres" for orchestra, chorus, percussions and two singers, concerts for tube and violin with orchestra, a concert "Tableaux Venitiens" for strings. Loussier sees in it a natural expression of his attempts not to use barocco music to suit his own ends but to pass his love to it to people.

He was persuaded to gather the trio in 1985 when Bach’s 300th birthday was celebrated. Loussier agreed to make new records of some of his best compositions using digital technologies for a double album "The Best of "Play Bach" The present trio consists of percussionist Andre Arpino, who used to play with Ella Fitzgerald, Eve Montan, Charlie Aznavour, Mirey Matie, and a young contrabass-player Benua de Segounzak (born in 1962), who was a soloist of Paris opera’s orchestra.

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