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Culture news, 19.01.2004 16:27

Cristmas dreams in Anna Akhmatova museum

One of the works on display in Akhmatova museum The museum of Anna Akhmatova in Fontanny House presents a traditional Christmas exhibition. This year children art studios and schools of the city will take part in it.

The exhibition halls of the museum have become a magical space where gospel and fairy motives and images join and Saint Petersburg, populated by unusual personages, plunges into a Christmas dream.

The projects of sixteen groups are made in various genres and methods (painting, graphics, paper plastic, textile, ceramic, objects and computer graphic) and their names are magical and festival: "Christmas gifts from angels", "Dreams are realized in dreams", "Christmas dreams under the Neva", "Christmas in Kitezhgrad", "Christmas funs in Lubava’s room" and others. The trip along the exhibition ends with a performance "Magical tree" of the Small Theatre of the Fontanny House.

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