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Night Life Awards 2003 in Saint-Petersburg

Night Life Awards 2003 in Saint-Petersburg The third Annual ceremony Night Life Awards 2003 in Saint-Petersburg will be held on Sunday, February 22. This year the venue for the ceremony will be Peter the First's Club of Naval College, situated on the 12th line V.O. The ceremonies of NLA, held in Saint Patersburg in 2002 and 2003 provoked a huge interest among club visitors and professionals of show business as well as a large resonance in media, having become traditionally expected by the whole "club world" of the city and having gained the name of "Club Oscar" and "Day of a Club Worker".

The Hall of Revolution is pride of the Naval College. The construction of the hall with double-sided lighting and suspension ceiling was one of the greatest achievements in Russian building techniques being the largest non-columnar hall in Saint Petersburg. In 1933-1939 The Hall got a new architectural design: it was decorated with three huge theatre chandelier, a 16-meter-deep stage was installed, the ceiling was ornamented with modelling and fresco which still remain.

The hypothetical number is 1000-1300 people. The guests consist of directors and owners of clubs and casinos, art-directors, promoters, journalists, famous people, outstanding personages and representatives of show business. Popular artists, musicians and dancers will take part in the ceremony. The best club shows will be presented there.

Following nominations will be decided upon at the ceremony: the best club of the year, the opening of the year, the best dance club, the best club-casino, the best project of the year, the best club show, the best club group, the best club DJ, the best club promoter, the club person of the year, the best music club.

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