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Culture news, 18.02.2004 12:52

Red Snapper in Red Club

Richard Thair, the former member of the famous Red Snapper acid-jazz group On February 28 Red Club presents the performance of Richard Thair, the former member of the famous Red Snapper acid-jazz group.

Red Snapper were formed in 1993. They had become friends before, used to record their compositions on somebody’s disks and played together. But it was 1993 when Red Snapper and their own label Flaw appeared in order to play and create what they like – crazy mix of breakbeat, hip-hop and early techno, surf music, country and Led Zeppelin. From the very beginning they had been self-confident but the aroused resonance surprised even them: so much their music differed from the favorite trip-hop.

Andrew Weatherall wanted to subscribe them to his label but the fight for the band was won by Warp Records, which demonstrated an excellent feeling and for the first time of their history subscribed a "non-electronic" band. In 1995 "Reeled And Skinned" was released. It was a compilation of the material released before. Then other two albums appeared "Prince Blimey" (1996) è "Making Bones" (1998). The audience liked both disks and it was a good basis for incredible success of Red Snapper’s concert shows. Their latest album "Our Aim Is To Satisfy" was also good. But having got tired of the exclusive circle – album-tours-album – Red Snapper decided to finish with all that and start their own projects.

Now Richard Thair writes music in deep house style under the name of TOOB together with his partner from Red Snaper JakeOne. He is also working on releases for Whole Nine Yards together with Meat Katie, in 2003 he is going to record and go on tours together with Hybrid. Every weekend Richard plays in Europe and England and promotes his programme ‘Remote Control’ which is on every two weeks. On February 28, Richard promises to play "percussive mix of house, breaks and electro" in Red Club.

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