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Culture news, 19.02.2004 14:59

Mulled wine party in Onegin club

Mulled wine party in Onegin club The Mulled wine party is a joint project of Onegin club-restaurant and Sasha Lyuzhe textile shop. Those who are invited to the party will have a unique chance to see off the severe Saint Petersburg winter in a beautiful and unusual manner. They will be the first to feel a hot smell of the coming spring and mulled wine. The party’s participants will spend this evening in two marvelous places, both of which are unique.

On February 26 at 8 p.m. Mulled wine party starts in Sasha Lyuzhe. The details of the event are kept in secret. However it is known that two floors will represent two absolutely different zones by personifying the saloon’s slogan "Lightness of changes".

At 11 p.m. comfortable buses, provided by the Baltic Travel company and decorated by the designers of Sasha Lyuzhe, will take the guests to Onegin. The rest of the evening and the whole night will be spent there.

The Mulled wineparty of the Onegin restaurant and the Sasha Lyuzhe saloon is expected to become one of the most interesting club events of this winter!

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