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Culture news, 24.02.2004 16:44

"From Myth to Project" exhibition opened in Hermitage

"From Myth to Project. The Influence of Architects from Italy and Ticino in Russia in the Epoch of Classicism" exhibition opened in the Nicholas Hall of the winter Palace.

The circa 300 items that are exhibited reflect the golden age of Classicism in the architecture of St.Petersburg, the period from 1762 to 1825, spanning the reigns of Catherine II, Paul I and Alexander I. It was a period when architects from many countries of the world were creatively engaged here. Among them were several coming from the Swiss canton of Ticino, including Luigi Rusca, Tommaso, Domenico and Antonio Adamini.

The first section of the exhibition shows the artistic atmosphere of the late 18th century. Besides portraits of monarchs and architects of the period, the exhibition displays works on various subjects taken from antiquity: paintings by Hubert Robert, Giovanni and Paolo Panini, drawings by Charles Louis Clerisseau, Louis Jean Depre, Thomas de Thomon, and also models of classical monuments. We can also see drawings and sketches of decorations created by Italians who worked in Russia. Giuseppe Valeriani, Galli Bibiena, Carlo Pietro Gonzaga.

The second section of the exhibition presents major phases in the development of Russian architecture at the close of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries. Here there are on display the plans and blueprints of the famous architects of the period as well as city views showing palaces and churches that they constructed in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The interiors of the Winter Palace, created by Quarenghi, Rossi and Stasov complete the exhibition.

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