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Culture news, 25.02.2004 13:16

The 9th International Jazz Guitar Festival held by "JFC" jazz club

Duncan Peltenburg Trio The 9th International Jazz Guitar Festival held by "JFC" jazz club will bring Holland's Duncan Peltenburg Trio in Saint-Petersburg. The group will come to the city to give four concerts this week.

Peltenburg is a Rotterdam-based guitarist, who described his style as "world fusion," using a phrase coined by his friend (the world part hints at African music influence in his playing).

"To me it doesn't matter what style of music a group or song fits in," he wrote in a recent e-mail interview. "The most important thing for me is that the song or band moves me. If it catches your ears, mind and heart. That what they do is an outlet."

Peltenburg, who said his greatest influence was Jimi Hendrix, added that he is coming to St. Petersburg thanks to the father of a guitar student of his, who happened to be Russian.

"He listened to the demo and wanted to know if I was interested in playing in St. Petersburg," wrote Peltenburg. "Anybody in their right mind would take up this opportunity. It's not common for instrumental bands from western Europe to play in Russia."

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