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Culture news, 26.02.2004 12:32

"Rolling Stone" And "Time Out" to be published in Russian

The closed joint-stock company Izdatelsky Dom SPN, a part of SPN Group will publish the Russian edition of “Rolling Stone” magazine. Sobaka Publishing House has taken a license from “Time out” Group to publish the brand name magazine “Time out” in Russia.

“Rolling Stone” magazine will be issued all over the country. The first edition is expected to come out in May. The initial circulation is 40 thousand copies to be drawn every second month. By the end of the current year the magazine will be a monthly edition with a circulation up to 100 thousand copies.

The Russian edition of “Time out” will be released in St. Petersburg in the spring. "Time Out" is going to replace the existing magazine “Kalendar”.

As the Director General of “Sobaka” magazine, Maxim Efimov, said, “Kalendar” had been created originally especially to be transformed into the current project. The negotiations with the “Time out” Group have been continuing since July 2003. The Moscow edition of the magazine will come out only this fall.

The St. Petersburg circulation is to be the same as that of “Sobaka” magazine (22 thousand copies); the Moscow edition publishes 50 thousand copies. The whole project investments average $5 million, including the license purchasing, promotion and organization of the Moscow edition-publishing program.

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