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Culture news, 10.03.2004 11:52

Fashionable Person Awards

Fashionable Person Awards The Fashionable Person Awards (FPA) will highlight the key points in the high life of the city and appreciate those who can be really considered the men about town.

Everybody who considers themselves involved in a fashionable side of the city life will gather in FC Lounge on March 13 to learn the winners’ names.

Fashionable Person Awards’ organization committee headed by Machael Adam was specially founded so that the choice of the winner should be unbiased.

The first ceremony includes 13 nominations, three nominees for every nomination. Till March 13 their names will be kept secret and will be revealed to the public during the ceremony.

In order to be nominated it is not enough to answer the professional requirements. The principal condition is that the nominee must be not only a professional in his field but also be famous enough to be considered a "high life person".

In 2004 the following nominations will be presented:"Lady" (charming and scandalous), "Designer" (young, talented and ambitious), "Beauty consultant" (for the unique style and famous clientele), "Hairdresser - master of style" (creates images, setting fashion canons by his work), "Promoter" (live personification of the "club life barometer"), "Dj"” (for the ability to influence the mood of those on the dance floor), "Editor" ( for addressing the reader directly from the pages of the magazine), "Photographer", "Legend" (for the contribution to the club life of the city by making it the one we know today), "Radio presenter" (for the ability to improvise), "Fashionable couple" (being equally famous they supplement each other), "Fashionable journalist".

On March 13 the FC Lounge restaurant-club will present the first in Saint Petersburg Ceremony of Fashionable Person Awards.

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