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Culture news, 25.03.2004 15:06

Lectures on modern architecture in ProArte Institute

Modern architecture The State History Museum of Saint Petersburg, the Modern Architecture Centre, ProArte Institute and the Unity of Architecture workshops of Saint Petersburg present a new project "Modern Architecture" - series of lectures given by the leading Russian and foreign architectors.

The creative energy of the lecturers is turned to the development of architecture ideas and contributes to the formation of modern architecture as one of the main components of modern culture. The project pursues the aim to promote modern Russian architects and their works and to introduction the international context to the Russian cultural space that will provide for the objectivity of the grading and for the more profound interpretation of the modern Russian architectural trends.

Among Russian architects the outstanding foreign masters such as Piettro Derossi (Italy), Eric Oven Moss (the USA) Sigeru Aoki (Japan), Khani Rashid (the USA) Peter Aizenmann (the USA) and others have also confirmed their participation in the project.

All lectures will be supported by the digital presentations and numerous exhibitions.

The inaugural lecture will be given by Irina Korobyina, the director of the Modern Architecture Centre in Moscow. All the lectures will be held in ProArte Institute in Nevskaya curtain of Petropavlovskaya fortress.

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