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Culture news, 02.04.2004 16:15

Annual Fuzz Awards to celebrate local rock groups

5'nizza, a duo of heartthrobs from Kharkov The Fuzz Awards is the annual stadium rock event combining a concert and prize-giving ceremony promoted by the local music magazine Fuzz. This year, just like the last, the concert will be headlined by Leningrad, whose name is featured in the largest typeface on the event's posters, but, according to the hugely popular local ska-punk band itself, it will only perform a few songs.

Apart from Leningrad, this year's Fuzz Awards concert features Splean's Alexander Vasilyev, Pilot, Surganova i Orkestr and Televizor, all representing 1980s-style Russian rock. From the local club scene come the heavy alternative rockers Animal Jazz and pop-rock band Polyusa.

However, many teenagers in the audience will probably be waiting for 5'nizza, whose name is a tricky way of spelling the Russian word "pyatnitsa," or "Friday."

5'nizza, a duo of heartthrobs from Kharkov, Ukraine, performs a mix of reggae and Latin and is supposed to draw a younger public.

The Fuzz Awards concert and ceremony is scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday at Yubileiny Sports Palace, 18 Pr. Dobrolyubova. M: Sportivnaya.

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