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Culture news, 05.04.2004 13:20

Pithian Games-2004

Pithian Games-2004 On April 19-20 PRO ARTE Institute arranges Pithian Games-2004 in "Na Mokhovoy" theatre.

The main rules of the Games held for the third time havenít changed: in two concerts devoted to the certain subject 10 composers present their works to the public. All the compositions are performed anonymously. At the end of the concert the public chooses the opus they liked best of all and only after that the name of the author is declared. The composer whose work gains the largest number of votes becomes the winner of the Pithian Games and gets the main prize of PRO ARTE Insitute.The novelty of this year is that the second prize has been introduced, its holder is chosen by the performers Ė the eNsemble musicians.

Both famous and young authors who according to the organizers will influence the modern Russian music in several years are invited. The competition has been initiated by eNsemble musicians and PRO ARTE Institution. In 2002 the Gamesí concerts were held in the White Hall of the Marble Palace of the State Russian Museum. There were two nominations: "War with poetry" (music on Russian religious poetry) and "Daylight" (music about Pavel Filonov's "Formulas"). The themes of the Pithian Games-2003 held in the Small Hall of Philharmonia were the following: DADA.RU (setting on Russian dadaistic poetry) and PAS DE MYTHE (music to an imaginary ballet with a mythological plot).

The composers-participants of the Pithian Games-2004 were given two topics for interpretation - Figure / Benevolence to Pythagoras and OpeRace / Old operas in a new way (FaustSamsonCarmenOneginMakbet).

Besides that the Pithian Games is a unique concert project presenting ten new compositions during two evenings, it is also the only contest of professional composers where public and performers choose the winners.

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