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Culture news, 06.04.2004 13:21

New Mariinsky Theater stage to cost EUR 250 million

New Mariinsky Theater stage The new second stage at the Mariinsky Theater is expected to cost EUR 250 million, said Federal Culture and Cinematography Agency head Mikhail Shvydkoi at the press conference yesterday. This latest estimate is almost three times the USD 100 million price tag determined by the international competition for the stage construction last July.

In addition, Shvydkoi said an agreement would be signed with the competition winner French architect Dominique Perro at the end of this month. He added that the contents of the agreement have been already agreed on between the two sides back in February and the delay in signing the agreement is connected with the reorganization in the Russian government. According to the agreement, costs of preliminary work connected with construction of the stage will reach EUR 5 million, said Shvydkoi.

The government requires that the new stage covers an area of 39 thousand square meters and has an auditorium capacity of 2 thousand people. Planners say the stage will be built by 2009 and paid for by the federal budget.

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