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Culture news, 07.04.2004 16:42

Fashion troops invade the city

Fashion troops invade the city On April 10-14 the forth international festival "Fashion troops. The Exhibition of Achievements of Fashion Industry" will take place in LenExpo.

"Fashion Troops" is the largest Russian forum of youth fashion. The aim of the festival is to open new names and fashion projects to the general public joining young and professional designers in the framework of the educational and entertaining programme of the festival.

The first festival "Fashion troops. From Saint Petersburg to Moscow" was held in the waiting room of Moscow railway station in October 2002 and was dated for the departure of the best young designers to Moscow for "Kremlin stars" contest.

The second festival "Fashion troops. The last exam" was carried out in the large gallery of the Twelve collegiums’ building under the patronage of the Saint Petersburg State university and was devoted to the participants’ departure to European institutes.

The third festival "Fashion troops. Autumn call-up" was held from September 19 to October 4 2003 under the support of the Committee for the youth policy of Saint Petersburg Administration. The programme included shows of Russian and foreign designers, seminars and master-classes of the teachers from Russian, Japanese and British institutes and fashion after party.

Traditionally every festival presents a new idea that is realized within the festival conception both in the fashion shows and in the general style of the event.

The venue of the present festival - Len Expo exhibition complex – determines the format of the coming event. Within the Exhibition of Achievements of Fashion Industry there will be fashion shows of the works of young designers from Saint Petersburg, Moscow, London, Washington, presentations of the participants and partners of the festival – institutes and organizations, working in the fashion field, master-classes and seminars of lecturers from Russian and European institutes, fashion show of professional designers from Russia and Europe.

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