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Culture news, 12.04.2004 14:52

The lecture from former "Kraftwerk" member

Karl Bartos The ex-member of the legend of the world music - "Kraftwerk" band Karl Bartos will give a lecture on the theory of communication at the journalism faculty of St. Petersburg State University on as well as will present his solo album "Communication" in the "Tinkoff" restaurant. Both events will take place on April 16.

Karl Bartos is an ex-member of the legendary German band Kraftwerk, a pioneer of modern electronic music. Kraftwerk was the first to use computer for creating electronic sound and a special devise vocoder for making a voice mechanical. Starting to held experiments with music at the end of the 60s they had a great influence on forming the language of modern art in general. Karl Bartos left the band in the 80s and today he is engaged in his solo career guided by the experience and heritage of his teamwork with "Kraftwerk". In 2003 he released a solo album "Communication". Besides music career Karl Bartos gives lectures on the theory of communication in Berlin Art University (UDK). It is a unique example of the person who took part in the creation of the media itself and had its own experience of how changes in media influence the development of the culture as a whole, has entered academic circles and teaches in one of the best German universities.

In Russia Karl Bartos will give a lecture on the theory of communication "The Interpositions of Media" at the journalism faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

The lecture will be accompanied by the video film that also includes Karl Bartos’ music videos looking like a flow of codified symbols. The lecture is based on the works of classic (the end of the 1960s) as well as modern authors - researchers in the field. He interprets the famous phrase of Marshall Mcluen "Medium is the Message" in his own way, quotes Susan Zonntag as well as the latest researches – Lewis Mamford, the author of the important work "Myth of the machine" and professor Nil Postman, an author of "Amusing oneself till death".

Karl Bartos is interested in questions of how mystery of writing interchanges on the mystery of creating music with computer, how music becomes a by-product of electronic media, how such music TV as MTV changes our perception of music.

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