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Culture news, 13.04.2004 17:19

Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF-8)

Sergey Kuryokhin SKIF-8, Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival, is scheduled for April 23-25 at Baltijsky Dom Theatre. The festival’s original concept is based on “Pop Mechanics” – famous project by Sergey Kuryokhin, one of the most significant musician and composer in Russia during the last twenty years till his untimely death on 1996.

On several stages there will be the concerts of musicians from Scandinavian countries, England, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Japan and Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Holland, Australia, USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic republics and Russia.

All the space of the concert part of the venue will represent the performances of theatrical and dancing collectives, art and a photo exhibition, workshops and master classes.

Two first festival SKIF-1 and SKIF-2 were held in New York in 1997 and 1998. Since that Saint-Petersburg became a home city of the festival. Artists from almost all over the world had participated in last four festivals. On July of 2003 there was the special festival SKIF in Berlin, which was very successful and remarkable event.

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