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Culture news, 15.04.2004 14:46

Local bands heading for fame

On april 18 the first big concert of the popular Saint Petersbug band "Billy's Band" will take place in Saint Petersburg Youth Palace.

The band constantly performs in the clubs of Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian regions. The bandís achievements include an album "Paris seasons" that gained the recognition of the most varied public, sold out club concerts in many cities, participation in the most prestigious tele- and radio programs, performances at significant rock-festivals of Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

The band has recently been recognized as the best club collective and the musicians got the "Night Life" award.

Besides, "Billy's Band" has shoot a new music video, which is currently running on the leading TV channels. The band has been on tour in Europe and was also a great success there.

In 2003 some of Russian and European music magazines named "Billy's Band" the breakthrough of the year.

The preparations for the band's first big concert arer already under way. The bandís members are drawn towards the stage adaptation of their compositions and thatís why it is always interesting to see their live shows. Taking into account the fact that it will be a large scale show, "Billy's Band" will appear before the public not as a trio but in an expanded cast.

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