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Culture news, 15.04.2004 15:02

Attempted theft from the Hermitage thwarted

The drawing by Parmigianino On 13 April 2004 an attempted theft was thwarted at the Parmigianino exhibition in the State Hermitage’s Hall of Twelve Columns. At 12.00 noon the Security Service of the State Hermitage took into custody Denis A. Kasyanyats whom they caught attempting to steal five etchings which were in one frame. Four of the works were by the Master F.P. and date from the middle of the 16th century: "Saint Philip," "Saint Thomas," "Saint Matthew," and "Saint Bartholomew." The fifth etching was a "Saint Philip" by Andrea Meldolla, otherwise known as ’the Schiavone.’ The overall value of the items taken is $10,000. The attempted theft was foiled by a museum supervisor and by the Security Service of the State Hermitage, which is headed by A.A.Khozhainov.

Kasyanyats is a Russian citizen, born in 1977 and living in St Petersburg.

The exhibition is entitled "Parmigianino in Arts and Ages: 500th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth."

The exhibition "Parmigianino in Arts and Ages: 500th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth" is dedicated to a great artist of the 16th century. It opened on 26 December 2003 and runs through 28 April 2004.

The show demonstrates the great influence that Parmigianino’s work had on European art. It consists of more than 140 display items: etchings and drawings by Parmigianino as well as objects of decorative and applied art such as porcelain, majolica, and enamel from the collection of the State Hermitage. Three drawings by Parmigianino were given on loan to the State Hermitage by the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow).

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