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Culture news, 22.04.2004 14:14

World renowned ambient musician Banco de Gaia to give a concert at Jet Set club

Banco de Gaia The hugely successful, world renowned ambient/trance group Banco de Gaia will make a very special appearance at Jet Set club this Friday.

Banco-De-Gaia, otherwise known as Toby Marks, has become a big name in the world of ambient/trance dance music and for many years formed the backbone of the Planet Dog record label along with Eat-Static. His earlier work was only released on tape and now is no longer available due to copyright problems.

Medium is the first of these tape-only albums. Following in much the same style is Freeform Flutes & Fading Tibetans and Deep Live. Then came Banco's first excursion on vinyl and CD - Maya. Hitting the top40 albums charts, this album paved the way for the awesome Last Train To Lhasa and the recent Live at Glastonbury albums. '97 saw the release of Big Men Cry, which explored new territory and introduced a greater live element to his material. This was to be the last release on Planet Dog as '98 saw a departure from the Dogs and ultimately the formation of B-d-G's own record label - Gecko Records.

His first release on Gecko was the long player The Magical Sounds of Banco-de-Gaia. This album saw Banco return to his roots with a hybrid of sounds from the albums 'Last Train to Lhasa' and 'Maya'. His sixth and lastest album (released sept 2000), 'Igizah', translates to the word "vacation" in Egyptian Arabic and was recorded in part inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and surrounding locations. 2002 saw the release of a double CD 'Best off...' compilation album titled '10 Years'.

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