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Culture news, 13.05.2004 16:29

Kraftwerk to visit St. Petersburg as a part of their European tour

Kraftwerk The sensational tour "Kraftwerk 2004" is in full swing: they are moving from one place to another: from Dresden to Reykjavik, from Vienna to Rome, From Bern to Prague. They are going on two great lorries with illumination and sound equipment, three video screens, video-mix and models-robots. There is a real rush in Europe: tickets for their concert are sold out in the first days. The music stage heroes came to London to see electronics’ fathers: the religious band of the 80s "Cult", a composer Frank Skinner, a drummer "Blur". The Internet is full of enthusiastic reports and amateur but, nevertheless, expressive photos. The one thing is clear – you must not miss it, you must be ready to it.

In Saint Petersburg the preparation to the Concert is going at full speed. There is no doubt that the event is very serious. Kraftwerk have never been to Russia, it will be their first tour and probably the last one. On May 22 the "Tunnel" club, the first Saint Petersburg techno-club, will gather the guests at the Pre-Party before the concert "Tribute to Kraftwerk". The party is aimed at the preparation to the concert, a light excursus to electro music history and the contact with the techno-universe created and lived-in by Kraftwerk.

"Tribute to Kraftwerk" is the name of an album of remixes for the band’s best hits. The world’s best musicians were engaged in making the album: Divine Comedy, U2, Iggi Popa, The Cardigans, and Pizzicato Five. But Kraftwerks suppressed the album’s issue. The composers of remixes for "Expo-2000" managed to do more: Underground Resistance, DJ Rolando, Francois Kevorkian & Rob Rives and Orbital. Kraftwerk appreciated their tribute, released their compositions under their own label and put them to It is to be the best Saint Petersburg DJs who will represent their version of "Tribute to Kraftwerk" in "Tunnel"”: DJ Slon, DJ 108, Neiro and Slutkey. Any DJ-set will start and end with Kraftwerk’s hits and between them there will be "techno-pop" copywrite of Kraftwerk-1986 and classic electro with a rhythmic album "Computer World", electro of "a new surge" from "New Order", electro buggy of the 90s and remixes for Kraftwerk as well as Kraftwerk-design, video-installations and dancing robots.

To tribute to Kraftwerk means to get inspired with the managers of electronics history, remember how all that started – from the first computers, vocoder and drum-machine, dance to Autobahn, Trans-Europe Express, Radio-Activity, Computer World and all real hits of the past, the present and the future. Be ready to the concert of Kraftwerk.

Kraftwerk are on their way. Their arrival - On June 1, the Yubileyny SP. The official place of Pre-Party (May 22) č After-Party (June 1) - the "Tunnel" club.

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