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Culture news, 18.05.2004 14:46

Jason Webley to bring spring feeling to Saint-Petersburg audience

Jason Webley Jason Webley, a singer and an accordion player from Seattle who gives icredible performances in the style of Tom Waits and gained immense popularity among Russian audience comes to Saint-Petersburg for another concert.

Jason Webley first came to Moscow last summer. Posters were saying: "You donít need to wait for Tom Waits Ė Jason Webley is coming to us". But when Webley came it turned out that his comparison with Waits was quite unnecessary.

Jason plays mixed carnival music, making every concert a real theatre show and heading for chamber places. He really follows Tom Waits singing his hoarse ballades and rollicking tavern songs about death, long farewells, the doomsday, cemeteries, pirat ships etc.

Webley is remarkable not only for his music but also a splendid interactive concert show.

The audience always gets positive, vivacious and cheerful energy. What is particular about Jason himself is that che never performs in winter. His series of concerts begins on May 1 and ends on October 27 with a large theatre performance when Jason "dies" and "buries himself" in order to be born next spring with new songs.

On May 23 Jason Webley's performance will take place in the Red Club. The new concert program will include a presentation of two new albums.

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