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Dance diva Martha Wash will sing in Aquarel club and restaurant

Dance diva Martha Wash Though you may think yourself unfamiliar with the powerhouse voice of dance diva Martha Wash, you are probably wrong. With songs such as "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real", "It's Raining Men" and "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" to her credit, it seems likely that anybody who has stepped onto a dancefloor since the 1970s has encountered this musical force of nature. From unknown back-up talent to girl group co-conspirator to solo siren, Martha Wash's voice has contributed more to dance music than other single person's.

Little is publicly known about Martha Wash, prior to her debut in the funk group Two Tons of Fun. As a member of Two Tons of Fun, Wash, along with friend Izora Armstead, sang back-up for 70s sensation, Sylvester.

Her solo career was not so successful at first. Wash's self-titled solo album, which produced the singles "Give It to You" and "Carry on", refused to perform as well as one might expect from the queen of club music, despite respectable club play. Wash has toured extensively on the club circuit and remains a favorite among gay men, performing at pride celebrations across the country. In 1996, Todd Terry teamed Martha with Jocelyn Brown for "Keep on Jumpin'" and "Something goin' on" which was released both as a single and on terry's album. In 1997, Wash re-released the 1993 hit "Carry on" with '97 remixes, as well as the 1983 hit "It's Raining Men" with drag diva Rupaul replacing Izora Armstead. The duo has become quite popular and sold many discs in USA.

Martha Wash has endured a twenty year career peppered with hardship and strive.By standing up for herself and by setting a new standard of beauty for the music industry, Martha was has truly earned the name diva.

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